Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Extra Credit Blog

Human life is both confusing as well as mind-blowing. Many people do not know if their life has true meaning due to simply being little units on a massive rock that is floating through a galaxy. However, those individuals just have not taken a step back and tried to find the true meaning of their incredible existence.
One of the major steps to finding the meaning of life would be to stop playing by the rules - or follow society’s rigid set of rules and norms. Once one has freed themself from the constraints of following what everyone else around them is doing, it opens up many more opportunities for change and growth. Or more simply - not having to pursue the life others have envisioned for you, allows for one to be able to find their own path.
Another important step to finding the meaning of life is to step out of one’s comfort zone. If one does not step out of their comfort zone at some point, then their life would be filled with boredom, dullness, flatness (Asyndeton). By stepping out of the norm, it supports the idea that something new and unexpected can happen. In order for the meaning of life to be found, one would have to step out of their comfort zone because the true meaning would not be found within their little bubble - otherwise the meaning of life would be something that could be easily found. Continuing along with this, another important step to finding the true meaning of happiness would be to appreciate the little things or moments. Humans are full of feelings and emotions, and it would be ludicrous to not take it all in - whether it be one’s own emotions or the emotions of those around. Life would be very mundane if feelings were not taken into account because otherwise everyone would feel the same and no one would want to act different from the people around them.

The meaning of life that I see is to be kind and compassionate to others around you in order for life to feel complete. By being nice to others, it allows for more friendships to form as well as makes one an ally to others who may need it. Throughout life, there are many people I will come into contact with. It would be easier for me and everyone around me if I was compassionate because it allows for others to feel welcome and invited. The world is already a cruel and hatred filled place, so in order to make it a little more bearable, being kind is the way to be.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Blog #13

Imagine being sent into a new society within a new body. The one thing that would improve this brand new society would be the ideology that animals would actually have rights. Within this society, all animals would be able to obtain the same rights that humans have. The right to freedom from torture, freedom from slavery, a right to life (Asyndeton). Within this society, all humans would be equal in every way, (no discrimination or racism would ever be present). Therefore, this is the major reason why the animals would have the same exact rights and equality that the humans do. The reason behind this is because both humans and animals are sentient beings and they are able to feel the same exact emotions as one another. Meaning, that if animals are put through abuse or suffering, they know what is happening to them and can feel the pain - which is completely unjust and inhumane. All living beings deserve to have the same right to life.
The society that we currently live in today is full of animals being treated very poorly - and some are being brutally murdered solely for human consumption. Even domesticated animals, such as cats and dogs, are sometimes subjected to abuse from their human families. In this brand new society, this is something that would never occur. All the animals that are used within the meat and dairy industry, (pigs, cows, turkeys, chickens, etc), will no longer be a food source option. This means that everyone in this world would eat more produce and grains rather than these sentient, living beings. Also, this means the same for domesticated animals - they will no longer have to suffer abuse through the hands of their owners.
In order for this to be a reality, the society will have to up its grain and produce production. Therefore, animals would be able to live out their whole lives without having to be slaughtered for their meat. Grains and produce are very good options for meals because they can provide more nutrients than the meat could. Also, in order for the abuse of domesticated animals to stop, much stricter rules will be enacted. Rigorous background checks would have to be taken in order to prove that one is fit to care for other creatures.

However, if one is tried and convicted of either of these crimes, much stricter punishments would be in order. Meaning, that serious amounts of jail time and fines would be inflicted upon the perpetrator.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Gone Baby Gone #3

The ending of Gone Baby Gone revolves around Patrick having to make one of the biggest decisions of his life: deciding the fate of Amanda McCready. He has two vastly different options. One - he could let Amanda live with Jack Doyle until she is old enough or two - call the cops and have Amanda taken back to her mother, Helene. In doing this, Amanda could ultimately have two very different outcomes. If she were to stay with Doyle, she would be able to experience a true childhood: “parents” who are always there for her, comfort, a stable home (Anaphora). However, if she were to go back with her birth mother, then her life would ultimately be filled with neglect and probable abuse.
While Patrick’s final choice about where Amanda would live seemed like the more logical choice, keeping her with Doyle and his wife would have been the right thing to do. By letting Amanda go back into Helene’s custody, Patrick is allowing for Helene to fall back into her old patterns. This means that Amanda will experience more neglect and abandonment because Helene will still be an unpredictable drug addict. Furthermore, who is to say that Helene will not leave a young Amanda in the house alone again, where she can just be taken all over again - but this time for real. This is why the right choice for Amanda should have been allowing her to stay with Doyle and let Helene think that she was gone. Although this seems cruel, Amanda would have been able to thrive under the care of Jack Doyle and his wife. From the end of the movie, the husband and wife seem to really care about Amanda and her wellbeing - more than Helene ever had in the past. It is very apparent that they would have been more suitable guardians for the child compared to Helene.

If I were Patrick, I would have made the opposite decision. I would have let Doyle take guardianship over Amanda because it is clear that he cares more about her and her well being than her birth mother ever did. Even though keeping Amanda away from Helene could be seen as unethical, it is also unethical to allow Helene to keep neglecting her child in order for her to get high because she is ultimately hurting Amanda more than herself.

Monday, November 6, 2017

The Meaningfulness of Lives - Absent

Throughout their lives, humans encounter and endure many different projects and activities of all kinds. While some of their tasks may seem mundane, easy, tedious jobs - it does not necessarily mean that it is meaningful (Anaphora). Normal tasks such as: brushing one’s teeth, brushing one’s hair and even showering are all things that a person normally does each day. However, these things do not equate to a “meaningful” life because the actions fall into a routine.
The routine of life is one that many people find themselves in - and are often not that enthusiastic about it. This type of lifestyle might make one unhappy and feel as though what they are doing has no meaning because their work holds no value to them. Therefore, “a meaningful life is distinct from a happy or a morally good one”(Wolf). By this, the author means that in order for a person to say that they have found their life’s true meaning - one must be fully engaged by the thing or activity that they upmost enjoy. This means that in order to feel true meaning from something, it must be WORTH something to someone. Although going out and giving money to the homeless is an action that can feel worthy to some, it does not necessarily mean that it holds true meaning to others due to how it actually makes them feel. If deep down that action feels worthwhile, then it can be considered worthy to one’s life. Yet, if it only feels worthwhile on the surface, then it should not be considered an action that makes one’s life more meaningful because it is just another thing that is busy work.
In other words, in order for one to consider their life meaningful and worthwhile, they must be involved and engaged fully into activities that give them a deeper meaning of “worthy”. By this, the things that one is involved in should make them feel ethically and morally sound. Or, more simply, should give them a greater sense of being because their life is able to provide them with more.

Gone Baby Gone #2

The scene in, Gone Baby Gone, when Patrick is in the midst of the drug users home who are concealing the pedophile, the actions and the measures that he went through to look for the kid were both heroic and noble. Within his line of work, Patrick makes sure that he does whatever is needed to ensure the safety of whoever is missing - so they can be returned to their family.
So far, this scene is arguably one of the most heroic, (even though the little boy had already perished), because Patrick and the other cops put their lives in great danger in order to go into the house. From the beginning of the scene, the actions that Patrick carries out should be considered heroic because even in the midst of gunfire, he runs to Nick’s side in order to stop the bleeding from his gunshot wound. Patrick could have easily gotten shot alongside Nick, but he was more intent on making sure that he was going to make it to the hospital.
Once inside the house, being locked inside the same room as the pedophile is a pivotal moment within the scene because Patrick comes face to face with the common enemy. The instant that Patrick sees the man, he insists that whatever happened was “an accident”. Being confused, Patrick stumbles into the bathroom and spots the missing little boy lying dead in the bathtub. From this, the scene cuts back to the pedophile from the behind, with Patrick putting a bullet through his brain. This action should be considered ethical because the man sexually abused the boy for days and later killed him. By murdering the man, Patrick not only avenges the boy and his family, but he also is able to stop the man from doing anything like this again.

In this instance, Detective Remy Bressant is the right one in saying, murder isn’t wrong and that it “depends on who you do it to”, because without that pedophile in the world, there is one less child who will be abused, raped, hurt (Anaphora). This is monumental because Patrick was able to help make the world a better place by not allowing that man to hurt anymore young children and their families. This is why what he did should be considered ethical due to the way in which no other children will have to suffer at the hands of that one pedophile.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Gone Baby Gone #1

It is without a doubt that the government should have the right to take away a child from their parents if the child is put into harm's way. If one is not capable of being a decent guardian to their child, whether it be due to drug/alcohol abuse, or if they simply put their child into dangerous situations purposely - the government should be the one to step in and allow the child to go with another family member who is more apt to take care of the child.
The action of taking a child away from their guardian should only be considered ethical if that child is put into harm’s way, is threatened, is hurt, is abused, can not be taken care of properly (Anaphora). The safety of a kid is ultimately more important than trying to keep the families together because the guardians might continue with the same poor choices. Unfortunately, these sort of poor choices can cause something harmful to happen to a child - when it should have never happened in the first place.
As stated before, one of the circumstances that taking away a child from their guardian would be if they are put into dangerous situations regularly. Any child should not be subjected into these types of scenarios because it can leave them either emotionally or physically damaged. These types of things could ultimately cause them further damage later on in their lives as well. This is why, in situations where a child’s wellbeing is being compromised, the government should be able to step in and take the child away because if they do not, the kid could end up more hurt in the future. The hurt could also potentially lead to them doing the same types of things to their own offspring because their code of ethics fits in with their parents.

If the government can take away one’s child, I believe that there is nothing better or worse that could happen. By taking a child away, it proves to the guardian that they need to step back and evaluate if their life is ethical enough to raise another being. If their own, original code of ethics was wrong enough to have their kid taken away from them, they then must realize that they need to fix and adjust their code of ethics in order to adhere better.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Blog #12 - B

The “right” way to treat people is with respect and fairness. Every being in the world is worthy of feeling like they are valued and honored because otherwise, it makes the world function poorly. By being treated unfairly, it allows one to feel like no one cares about them or that they were put on the planet to suffer, which is completely untrue.
The thing that makes up my own personal “code of ethics” is the ideology to always make sure that everyone and everything I come into contact with is treated equally and fairly. There were a few situations that I have faced that I felt were unethical. From these experiences, I’ve learned that there is no excuse to let someone or something suffer. The main cause of this was carnists and the meat/dairy industry. Within the industry, millions of animals are killed and tortured on the daily, and unfortunately, I was one of those people that hurt innocent beings every day. However, after researching more about the places and situations animals are placed into merely for human consumption, I made the more ethical decision to become vegan. By becoming a vegan, I was able to adhere to my own “code of ethics” fully because I was not excluding one of the main sources of suffering in the world: the meat and dairy industry.  Another experience I have witnessed that did not follow my code of ethics was hearing the people around me use the “R” word. This is something that I am firmly against because by instituting that word into one’s daily language, it allows for ableism to be spread easier. In order for me to feel like my code of ethics is being carried out, I always make sure that someone knows the ramifications of using that word and that they know it hurts others. Therefore, they are not being respectful to others the way in which they should be.
In order to decide if something is ethical versus unethical, I first must analyze the situation to see if there is something or someone being treated very poorly - the way in which I would not want to be treated. This should be one of the main things that one considers when deciding their own “code of ethics” because every being on this planet is worthy of being respected regardless of what it is. Whether it be a person, object, animal - EVERYthing deserves to be valued (Anaphora).